Pastor Peter Mason - January 6, 2019

Worship the Greatness of God

Greatness of God

Worship the Greatness of God   Psalm 95:1-11

I.   Worship together—joyfully and thankfully (vv. 1b-5)
 a.  The nature of the singing
 b.  The focus of the singing
 c.  The reason to worship is the greatness of God
    iv.  The greatness of God’s salvation (v. 1)
    v.   The greatness of God’s sovereignty (v. 3)
    vi.  The greatness of God in creation (vv. 4-5)

II.  Worship reverently (vv. 6-7a)
 a.  The posture of reverent worship
 b.  The personal nature of reverent worship

III.   Worship obediently (vv. 7b-11)
 a.  A call to obedience
 b.  An example of disobedience
 c.  The results of disobedience

“The world’s greatest need is greater worship of the greatness of God!”

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