Pastor Peter Mason - March 4, 2018

The Lamb who was Slain

Revelation, Are You Ready

The Lamb who was Slain   Revelation 14:1-5

“God has provided a lamb to take your place by paying your penalty for sin.”

1.   The sacrificial Lamb

a.   The lamb\ram is sacrificed by Abraham in the place of his son, Isaac (Genesis 22:7-14)
b.   The substitutionary Passover lamb in the place of the first-born son (Exodus 12:3-5)
c.   The lamb of the sin-offering sacrifice in the temple
d.   The prophetic suffering-servantlamb (Isaiah 53:1-7)

2.   The saving Lamb of God

John the Baptist saw Jesus and declared,
“Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29,36).

3.   The slain Lamb

a.   He is exalted (Rev. 5:8 and 7:9-10)
b.   He is the redeemer (7:14)
c.   He is slain (5:6; 13:8)
d.   He is worthy to open the seals (5:9, 6:1)
e.   There is victory over Satan “by the blood of the lamb” (12:11)
f.   He is the Lords and King of Kings (17:14)

4.   The Lamb (Rev. 14:1-5)

a.   Power to protect (Rev. 14:1)
b.   Praise for redemption (14:2-3)
c.   Purify for God’s service (14:4-5)

5.   The Lamb enthroned with God

a.   The victorious lamb (Rev. 17:14)
b.   The bride of the lamb (Rev. 19:7-9)
c.   The lamb is the lamp in heaven (Rev. 21:23)
d.   The enthroned lamb (Revelation 22:1-3)

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