Pastor Peter Mason - February 25, 2018

Spiritual Warfare

Revelation, Are You Ready

Spiritual Warfare   Revelation 12:1-17


We see such beauty and design in this world.Why is there evil in the world? Answer. There is a spiritual reality behind the conflict, destruction and deception in this world.

In God’s all-knowing plan, he permitted rebellion in his kingdom because he valued true love and worship that comes from a willing, submissive heart.God gave his angelic beings the opportunity to choose their allegiance. God gave human beings the capacity to reject the Creator’s design and plan. The first to rebel was Satan who corrupted God’s perfect creation

1. A Great Sign (12:1):The nation of Israel delivers the Christ child who will return to rule the nations.

2. A Great Red Dragon (12:3):Satan’s strategy is deceptive and destructive.

  •  The Dragon’s Personality

  •  The Dragon’s Power (12:3): The dragon has seven heads with ten horns symbolizing intelligence and strength.

  •  The Dragon’s Partners (12:4): A third of the angels of heaven joined Satan’s rebellion.

  •  The Dragon’s Purpose (12:4)

3. A Great Wrath (12:12):Satan’s final flailing of destruction.

4. A Great Eagle (12:14): God protects his people.

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