Pastor Peter Mason - October 8, 2017

Praise God for His Spiritual Benefits

God’s Big Plan, for our lives today

Praise God for His Spiritual Benefits    Ephesians 1:1-14

What are these blessings, wealth, benefits in Christ? Here are six listed in verses 4-14.

I. Enriched by the Father’s choice of you in Christ
  • God has chosen us to be set apart for his service and free from sin
II. Enriched by the Father’s adoption of you in Christ
  • Through faith in Christ, we were adopted into God’s family. Our past debt of sin was canceled and we are now under the authority of
    our Heavenly Father inheriting all the blessings of His character and as children of God reflecting His character.
III. Enriched by the Father’s redemption of you in Christ
  • Christ redeemed us from slavery to sin by paying the ransom of his own death so that we are delivered into new ownership where God is our Master.Br> IV. Enriched by the Father’s wisdom and practical insight in Christ (8b-10)
   a. We have been given a new lens through which to view life
   b. The content of this wisdom and practical insight
   c. The timing of this revelation
V. Enriched by the Father’s inheritance given to you in Christ (11-12)

What is the nature of the “riches of the Father’s inheritance”?
    Our inheritance is not primarily a possession, although we will enjoy a place in heaven that Jesus has prepared for us.
    Rather, our inheritance is position and a character of life.
VI. Enriched by the Father sealing you in Christ (13-14)
  a. The pattern of being sealed (sphagizo) by the Holy Spirit
  b. The prerequisite for being sealed
  c. The purpose for being sealed: What is the Holy Spirit doing in our lives to prepare us for heaven?

Application: How does the Holy Spirit seek to work in and through us now?

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