Pastor Peter Mason - February 9, 2020

Grow as a Disciple

God\'s Message To The Church

Grow as a Disciple Acts 9:10-27

1.	A disciple submits to the Lord Jesus as Master (9:4-5)
2.	A disciple prayerfully grows in relationship with the Lord (9:11)
3.	A disciple studies God’s Word (9:15-17)
4.	A disciple depends upon the Holy Spirit (9:17b)
5.	A disciple obeys the Lord in believer’s baptism (9:18)
6.	A disciple takes time apart with the Lord for guidance (Gal 1:15-17)
7.	A disciple shares the Good News with others (9:20-22 and 28)
8.	A disciple is mentored by a more mature believer (9:26-27 and 11:22-26)
9.	A disciple reproduces disciples (11:26b)
10.	A disciple multiplies ministry through others (Acts 16:1-5)

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