Pastor Peter Mason - May 27, 2018

First Steps of Discipleship like Jesus


First Steps of Discipleship like Jesus   Luke 2:39-40 and 51-52

Introduction: The priority of discipling children

“Let the little children come to me . . .”

I.   Mary and Joseph parented in obedience to God’s Word(v. 39).

II.   Jesus’ growth was focused on his Father’s will(v. 49) and was obedient to his parents (v. 51)

   A.   Jesus submitted to His Heavenly Father (v. 49)

   B.   Jesus submitted to His earthly parents (v. 51)

III.   Jesus developed as a whole person

   A.   Intellectually

    •   “filled with wisdom” (v. 40)
    •   “Jesus increased in wisdom” (v. 52)

   B.   Physically

    •   “The child grew and became strong” (v. 40)
    •   “Jesus increased . . . in stature” (v. 52)

   C.   Spiritually

    •   “the favor[Xaris—grace] of God was upon him” (v. 40)
    •   “in favor [Xariti—grace] with God” (v. 52)

   D.   Socially

    •   “in favor [Xariti—grace]with . . . man” (verse 52)

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