Pastor Peter Mason - December 10, 2017

Express God’s Love

God’s Big Plan, for our lives today

Express God’s Love   1 John 4:7-21

I  Exhortation to love by the loving God(vv. 7-8 and 11)

  a.  For love is from God;
  b.  For those who are given new spiritual life by God;
  c.  For those who have a personal relationship with God; and
  d.  For God is love!

Therefore,God, who is love, isthe source of love who gives us new spiritual life
and a personal relationship with Him.

II  Expression of love is God sending His Son (vv. 9-11)
  a.  God sent his Son to give us life—now and for all eternity.
  b.  God sent his Son to die for our sins—the sacrifice for our sins.

Therefore,we have seen the love of God expressed in Christ, our Savior.

III  Enablement to love by God’s Spirit in us (vv. 12-15)
  a.  We are empowered by his Spirit;
  b.  We are inspired by His example; and

Therefore,we love by the power of God’s Spirit following Christ’s example.

IV  Essence of love is God Himself (vv.8 and 16-18)
  a.  God is love.
  b.  God’s agape love is . . .

Therefore,love is rooted in the very essence of who God is.

V  Experience God’s love (v. 19-21)
“We love because He first loved us.”

Therefore,as we experience God’s undeserved love, we love others unconditionally.

Application: Express God’s Love
•  As we get to know the God who is love;

•  As we see what Christ, His Son, has sacrificed for us;
•  As we are given new life from above;
•  As we experience God’s unconditional love; and
•  As the Spirit of God indwells us . . .

Therefore, we are empowered to express God’s love.

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