Pastor Peter Mason - January 7, 2018

Abandoned Love—Lost Your First Love

Revelation, Are You Ready

Abandoned Love—Lost Your First Love Revelation 1:9-2:7

I.  The Apostle: Are we also messengers for God?

 a.  Revealed through his servant, John, to those he knows well (see 1:9).
 b.  On the island of Patmos on account of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus—as a missionary or as a prisoner?

  Application: Sharing the Gospel can face resistance?

II.  The Author: Are we listening to the voice of the Spirit?

  Application: What is drowning out the voice of the Spirit in your life?

III.  The Audience: To whom is God speaking?

How are you illuminating the darkness and pointing people to Christ?

   The Gospel

 •  God is holy expressed in judgment.Sin is rebellion against God holy character expressed in disobedience of his Law.
 •  The Lord Jesus redeemed us. . . He saved us.Repent . . . turn to Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sins.
 •  Kingdom—The Lord Jesus rules and reigns . . . and brings us into His kingdom.

IV.  The Application: What is God sayingto us personally?

 •  Commendation
 •  Condemnation
 •  Correction
   o  Remember
   o  Repent . . . turn from sin and toward God’s will.
   o  Renew your first works

 • Call

 • Challenge

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