Jesse Gardner - February 23, 2020

10 Important Things We've Forgotten About Evangelism

God\'s Message To The Church

10 Important Things We've Forgotten About Evangelism Acts 8:26-31

1. Evangelism is not about winning an argument, it’s about preaching the gospel.
2. The Holy Spirit knows the hearts of individuals better than we do, so we should trust His leading more than our own.
3. The most passionate and effective evangelism comes from those who have experienced the gospel.
4. Godly evangelism frequently involves making ourselves (and others) uncomfortable.
5. The gospel is a message of hope.
6. There are opportunities all around us to share the gospel.
7. Not everyone will believe.
8. Salvation takes a moment to receive and a lifetime to reckon.
9. The world desperately needs the gospel. 
10. The sin that Christ died to save us from is the same sin that condemns unbelievers to hell.
Go therefore!

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