Child Dedication Form

    A Parent's Commitment:

    • I acknowledge that my child is a gift from God.

    • I will be a channel of God's love to my child.

    • I will communicate to my child that he/she matters to God.

    • I will pray for my child.

    • I will commit to do all I can to raise my child in a home that honors God, and support his/her spiritual growth.

    Having read the above commitments,

    I/We would like to publicly commit to making every effort to fulfill these commitments by participating in the child dedication services to be held at Faith Baptist Church, Rexford, NY.

    By typing your initials here, you are agreeing to the above commitment

    Preferred date for dedication
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    Service: (required)

    “So love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, and strength. Memorize His laws and tell them to your children over and over again. Talk about them all the time, whether along the road or going to bed at night, or getting up in the morning.”

    Deuteronomy 6:5-7


    1. Submit form and you will be contacted to confirm the date.
    2. Send photo of your child to or mail to Faith Baptist Church, 11 Glenridge Road, Rexford, NY 12148.