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Pastor Bob Port - July 22, 2018

Surrender and Obey


Surrender and Obey Psalm 19:7-14

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Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

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Pastor Peter Mason - May 2, 2018

The Biblical Word for Disciple: mathetes

Wednesday Family Worship

The Biblical Word for Disciple: mathetes

Source: Mounce’s Expository Dictionary

I.  General Meaning

Mathetes means “learner” or “disciple.” In the New Testament, this word almost becomes a technical
term for the followers of Jesus, though it is used of the followers of John the Baptist,
of Moses and even of the Pharisees.

II.  The Disciples of Jesus

A.  Chosen by Jesus

“Typically in the Jewish world, a disciple would voluntarily join a school or otherwise seek out a master rabbi;
however, Jesus seeks out and chooses those whom he wants as his disciples” (p. 183).
•  Matthew 4:18-21
•  Mark 1:17
•  Mark 2:14
•  Luke 5:1-11

B.  Lifelong Journey

“A dedicated disciple was generally expected someday to become a rabbi himself, yet Jesus teaches his disciples
that he will always be their rabbi and they will have a lifetime of discipleship.”
•  Matthew 23:8
•  Luke 14:26-27
•  John 11:16

C.  Life of Work and Service

•  Matthew 16:15-19
•  Mark 1:17
•  Luke 5:10

D.  Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom

•  Matthew 10:24-25
•  Matthew 16:24-25
•  Mark 6:7-12

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