2020 FaithKids Camp Scholarship

The FaithKids Camp Scholarship exists to help provide incentive for kids to grow in Christ by establishing godly habits.

To that end, we’re offering¬†$150 towards a Christian Camp for students who regularly attend Faith Baptist Church (K-12) and complete the scholarship requirements.

To be eligible for the scholarship, please complete our Scholarship Covenant by February 9, 2020.


Questions about the Camp Scholarship program? Send us an email, and we’ll get back to you in shortly.

The Camp Scholarship Program runs from Feb. 2 through April 26.

All work is due by April 26. Parents, please fill out a Payment Form when your child has completed the work. Checks will be mailed at the beginning of May or upon receipt of the Payment Form if the form is submitted later than that. There is no official deadline for submission of the Payment Form.