Pastor Peter Mason - March 8, 2015

Revealing Who He Is


Revealing Who He Is Luke 5:1-26 1. Revealing the Word of God (Luke 5:1-2) How was Jesus’ teaching different from the rabbis of his day? 2. Revealing his power over nature to the disciples . . . (3-11) What was the method of the Master in making disciples? 3. Revealing his healing power over disease . . . (12-15) Why did Jesus order silence and secrecy? 4. Revealing his relationship with the Father . . . (16) Why did Jesus take time away from ministry to people? 5. Revealing his authority to forgive sinners . . . (17-25) Which is easier to say, your sins are forgiven or take up your bed and walk? 6. Response to the revelation of Jesus’ identity (26)

From Series: "Follow"

"Follow" sermon series from Faith Baptist Church in Rexford, NY.

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