Faith Bible Classes

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Fall 2018

These Sunday classes are designed to deepen your knowledge of the Bible. Also, they are to help you get to know who we are and how you can get involved at Faith.


Paul’s masterpiece arguably depicts the most complete overview of the Gospel in the New Testament. Join us as we explore its vision of God’s salvation plan.

When: Sunday at 9:00am
Where: Room C03
Teacher: Ed Greenslit

Christian Ethics (College & Career:18-25 year olds)

Our world exerts enormous pressure on our sense of right and wrong. This survey of Christian Ethics equips us to navigate these challenges with both the head and the heart.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C02
Teacher: Jeremy & Jean Armstrong

Living Hope

A six-week adult bible class that is ideally suited to new believers and any Christians struggling with their faith. We’ll cover faith’s definition, origin, foundation, and its role in the garden’s curse & Jesus’ cure.

 We’ll also examine:

The difference between belief & faith

The distinction between circumstantial & real faith

The importance & practical impact of faith

Obstacles to faith

When: Sundays 10:30 am
Where: Room C01
Teacher: Dan Corbin

Hope for the Home

Parents are invited to explore insights and suggestions from the nation’s top researcher, George Barna, on what parents can do to raise children who are “spiritual champions.” Discussion plus encouragement and prayer for each other will give hope for the home.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C09
Teachers: Sue Groh & Team

Old Testament Survey

From the first chapters of Genesis, the whole Old Testament reveals God’s character and His plan to restore relationship and hope to a broken world.

This Survey will:

  • Make sense of the many different books and major events and how they fit together.
  • Highlight the themes that unite all of the Old Testament.
  • Show how the Old Testament is relevant to our lives today.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C03
Teachers: Michael Gregg, Steve Nygaard

Baptism/Child Dedication Class

These classes explain the process of baptism and child dedications and are offered throughout the year at various times.