Winter/Spring 2019

These Sunday classes are designed to deepen your knowledge of the Bible. Also, they are to help you get to know who we are and how you can get involved at Faith.

Walking with Jesus – On Location

Scramble among the ruins of Qumran with Ray Vander Laan as video guide and wonder at the simplicity and wisdom of Jesus’ parables. We will see how the events, places and culture of Jesus’ day impacted his life, ministry and communication… and then you’ll learn how it changes yours.

When: Sunday at 9:00am
Teacher: Pastor Bob

Living In Community

(College & Career:18-25 year olds)
In today’s culture, we often experience faith in a solitary way. It seems individuals think more of the Christian life in terms of “me” and “my” instead of “us” and “our.” Please join us as we explore what the Bible says about following Jesus and living community.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Teachers: J. & J. Armstrong

Faith Foundations

Join us as we explore two core understandings of the Christian faith: God’s character and his love. In January, Carl Gustafson will help us understand our faith through a study of the unique Biblical attributes of God. Beginning in February, Dan Corbin will lead us in a study of understanding God’s love.

When: Sundays 10:30 am
Teachers: C. Gustafson & Dan Corbin

Hope for the Home: Parenting

“Spiritual Warfare” will be explored in January, what the Bible teaches and how we can courageously battle and win against Satan’s schemes. “Christian Ethics”; a 12-week class starting in February, will address complex ethical topics from a Biblical view and help parents guide their children to process God’s absolute truth and opposing cultural morals.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Teachers: S. Groh

Old Testament Survey, Part 2

From the first chapters of Genesis, the whole Old Testament revealsGod’s character and His plan to restore relationship and hope to abroken world.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Teachers: M. Gregg & S. Nygaard

Baptism/Child Dedication Class

These classes explain the process of baptism and child dedications and are offered throughout the year at various times.

Faith Discipleship Academy Classes

Faith Discipleship Academy offers four 12-week classes to help adults grow as disciples following the Lord Jesus. We will use a workbook to guide a biblical, relational and prayerful study of God’s truth. The objective is to develop our Christian worldview, to live out those truths and to communicate the Good News to others.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Is Christianity true? Can we know for certain? Join us as we explore apologetics, the defense of the truth of Christianity. We’ll look at how Christianity offers ultimate truth that satisfies both the heart and mind.

When: Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Room C01
Teacher: Grohs, Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Discipleship Basics

How do we even begin to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus? We’ll look at this question and explore truths from the Bible about who we are, what God desires for us, and how to get there. We’ll guide and equip you on this exciting journey so you can also disciple others!

When: Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Room S01
Teacher: Dale & Carolyn Norris, The Grace Life Handbook

The Story of Christianity

The Story of Christianity is the story of God’s presence, provision and purpose in the lives of his people as the Gospel has spread throughout the world. Together we will look at our past as the people of God so we can thrive in the time and place he has chosen for us.

When: Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Room C02
Teacher: Randy & Heather Voges, Jon Werthmuller, Christian History

What Christians Believe

What are the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith? Together we’ll explore Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and future return. We’ll look at the Bible, the church and our role in the world. Come discover how these basic doctrines can offer a solid foundation of a life that is pleasing to God both in the present and in eternity.

When: Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: Room S02
Teacher: Pastor Peter & Pastor Bob, Biblical Beliefs