Faith Bible Classes

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Winter 2018

These Sunday classes are designed to deepen your knowledge of the Bible. Also, they are to help you get to know who we are and how you can get involved at Faith.

Isaiah: Prophet Before the Storm

Isaiah didn’t think he was qualified, but that was of no concern to God. He was called to prophesy to Judah to prepare them for a coming storm, and also to hint at a greater future yet to come. His book also contains some of the greatest poetry in Scripture, even on par with the Psalms. Join us for a study of this magnificent book.

When: Sunday at 9am
Where: Room C01
Teacher: Greenslit, Miller

Bible to Life: 1 & 2 Timothy

Study with us, the 2 letters that Pastor Paul wrote to his young protégé Timothy. Paul is challenging us, to do all that we can to help a young church to grow up healthy and strong. He issues a powerful call to continue the task of discipleship and to faithfully pass on the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C09
Teacher: Gregg/Nygaard

The Uniqueness of Christ: Jesus Among Secular Gods

In a world that seems increasingly hostile to our faith, how do we and our families navigate culture and engage people whose secular world-views are different than our own? We will study the story of Daniel as a model before delving into material by Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale.

When: Sundays 10:30 am
Where: Room C01
Teacher: Gustafson/Voges

Inheritance Class for Young Adults: The Truth Project

The Truth Project is a DVD-based curriculum developed by Focus on the Family. Topics are discussed which emphasize the relevance and importance of living the Chris an worldview in daily life.

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room S03
Teachers: Armstrongs

Hope for the Home: Family & Parenting Community

A facilitated group addressing multiple topics confronting families today. As parents and children are under enormous pressures, families need a solid biblical grounding for dealing with these challenges. Subjects include communication, parenting skills, dealing with conflict, and cultural pressures, with Scripture used as a foundation. *This class will begin on Jan. 14*

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C03
Teachers: Groh/Team

Pathways to Faith

Are you new to Faith, or just want to know more and would like to get connected? Come meet staff and ministry leaders. Learn about our church, ministries, and ways you can connect here at Faith.

If you are interested please contact church office, 518-399-2220,

When: Sunday 10:30 am
Where: Room C02

Baptism/Child Dedication Class

These classes explain the process of baptism and child dedications and are offered throughout the year at various times.